Terms of use of the K-Plussa website

Terms of use of the K-Plussa website

The K-Plussa website is owned and maintained by
K-Plus Oy (hereinafter the Company)
Business ID 1087427-0
Visiting address: Mannerheimintie 117, 00280 Helsinki, Finland
Postal address: Satamakatu 3, 00016 Kesko, Finland

The K-Plussa customer service number is +358 10 19 8604. The line is open Mon–Fri, 8am–4pm. Calls are charged at the local network rate or mobile rate.

All enquiries, suggestions and comments related to the K-Plussa online service, the K-Plussa system and K-Plussa customer relationships should be directed to K-Plus Oy.

Purpose, content and operation of the service
The purpose of the K-Plussa website is to act as an information channel between the Company and the User.
Insofar as is applicable, the companies belonging to the K-Plussa system are considered equivalent to the Company. The companies belonging to the K-Plussa system are entitled to receive personal data on the K-Plussa customer in the manner described in the rules of the K-Plussa system.
The use of some individual pages or services included on the K-Plussa website may require the user to register and/or accept separate terms and conditions of use in addition to these general terms and conditions of use. If separate terms and conditions of use contradict these general terms and conditions of use, the separate terms and conditions of use that apply to the pages and/or service in question will take precedence over these general terms and conditions of use.

Terms and conditions of use
The K-Plussa website may only be used in compliance with these terms and conditions of use. By using the K-Plussa website, the user undertakes to comply with the terms and conditions of use that are in force. As the Company may occasionally make changes to the terms and conditions of use
of the K-Plussa website, we encourage the user to familiarise himself/herself with these terms and conditions of use at regular intervals.
The user has a limited personal right to use the K-Plussa website and undertakes to use K-Plussa's internet services solely for purposes in accordance with legislation, good practice and these terms and conditions of use.
If you do not accept the terms and conditions of use, we politely encourage you to refrain from using the K-Plussa website.

Applicable law
Finnish law shall apply to these terms and conditions of use. Any disputes that arise will
be resolved by the Finnish judiciary.

Copyright and other intellectual property rights
The content of the K-Plussa website is protected in accordance with the Copyright Act and international agreements. Text and images must not be used for commercial purposes or purposes
in contravention of good practices.
The Company reserves all rights to the website and its content, unless otherwise mentioned in these terms and conditions of use or on the website itself. Copying or distributing all or part of the content of the online service, including, without limitation, text, photographs, music and computer software, is prohibited unless otherwise expressly mentioned or enabled by the functionality that is integral to the online service. The K-Plussa website may be viewed, browsed and printed for the purpose of the user's own personal use.
Individual documents that are included on the K-Plussa website may be subject to separate terms and conditions of use. If this is the case, there will be a specific mention thereof in connection with the document.
The business symbols and trademarks that appear on the K-Plussa website, as well as all related brands, product names, service names, slogans and other intellectual property, are the property
of companies belonging to Kesko Group or of third parties and the user must not use them in any
way without the advance written consent of Kesko or the relevant third party with the exception
of material and logos that are suitable for printing and that are permitted for use for journalistic purposes, providing that the source of the data is named when such material is used.
The use of the K-Plussa website, parts of the service or services contained therein, including links, does not give rise to usage rights to the aforementioned intellectual property or other intellectual property belonging to Kesko or third parties.
The user shall be obliged to pay compensation for any misuse.

The K-Plussa website is presented as-is, without any obligation. The Company provides no warranty regarding the correctness or reliability of the information presented on the website or information that can be accessed via the website (such as prices and product information). The Company does not guarantee the uninterrupted or flawless operation of its website, nor is it responsible for the accessibility of the website. The Company reserves the right to change its online services and the related terms and conditions of use at any time, as well as to deny access to the website or to discontinue its maintenance.
The Company is not liable for any direct or indirect damages, such as delay, loss of revenue, goodwill, usage rights or information, or other financial loss, caused by the use of the K-Plussa website or the information contained therein or by the discontinuation of the service. The Company is liable to the extent required by the regulations of Finnish law.

Privacy protection
When processing data, the Company complies with the Personal Data Act and other valid regulations concerning personal data protection as stipulated in Finnish legislation.
The personal data of visitors to the K-Plussa website is only collected with the visitor's consent, such as:
When feedback is provided: When the user gives feedback, he/she may also choose to provide his/her contact details to enable a response to be provided. The data is transferred to the party whose services are subject to feedback and who will respond to the feedback, if requested.
When registering: The details provided by the user when he/she registers are saved in the K-Plussa customer data file.

Information security
The Company has arranged the information security of the K-Plussa website in a generally accepted manner, complying with due diligence and good data processing practices, and striving to prevent unauthorised access to the information systems using appropriate technical solutions. However,
the Company cannot guarantee total information security. The user is responsible for ensuring the information security of his/her own information systems appropriately.

Cookies may be used by the K-Plussa website, as well as between the K-Plussa website and other Kesko Group websites, to monitor the use of the service, to enable targeted advertising and to measure the effectiveness of advertising. Additionally, the data collected using cookies, if the
K-Plussa card number or the user's email address is transferred using cookies, may be disclosed for use in electronic direct marketing originating from Kesko Group or K-Group. This may be subject to the person's express provision of consent to receive electronic direct marketing. Cookies are short text files that are stored by internet servers on the user's computer. Cookies enable the Service Provider to make its services more customer-friendly and provide its customers with targeted product recommendations, offers and benefits. The user's web browser is likely to accept cookies
by default by the user may also choose to reject cookies by changing his/her own browser setting
or by deleting the cookies from his/her browser after using the service. Further information about browser-specific user instructions is available in the instructions provided with the browser. However, the services included in the online service may require cookies to be accepted in order
to function.

Terms and conditions of use of the Oma K-Plussa (My K-Plussa) service

Oma K-Plussa (My K-Plussa) is a part of the K-Plussa website that is intended solely for the use
of K-Plussa card holders. The Oma K-Plussa (My K-Plussa) pages enable users to check the value of the purchases they have made using their K-Plussa cards and monitor the accrual of K-Plussa points, as well as to update their own details.
Users must register for the Oma K-Plussa (My K-Plussa) service to be able to use the services available on the Oma K-Plussa (My K-Plussa) pages. The registration process involves the user creating a personal user ID and password. The user is responsible for keeping his/her user ID and passwords secret. The user is liable for all use that takes place via his/her own user ID. The user should inform the Company immediately if his/her user ID or password falls into the wrong hands or if he/she observes problems on the K-Plussa website.
In order to register as a user of Oma K-Plussa (My K-Plussa), the user must grant K-Plus Oy permission to send electronic direct marketing communications by email.

Warranty Receipt Service
Users of Oma K-Plussa (My K-Plussa) can access a Warranty Receipt Service, which provides the user with the ability to check and print warranty information for products purchased from K-Group stores specified by the user. To ensure that the warranty can be used when needed, the user should continue to retain his/her original warranty receipts. The service is intended to facilitate the management of warranty information. When the service is discontinued, data cannot be restored.
The use of the service requires the ability to check purchases of individual products registered using the K-Plussa card. If the user has prohibited the registration of product-specific purchase data, the service will be unavailable. If the user prevents his/her product information from being inspected after the Warranty Receipt Service has been taken into use, all warranty information will be removed from the service and the warranty information will no longer be available.
Users who have taken the service into use will be able to use the service to access any relevant warranty information related to their products if the purchase fulfils the requirements regarding the accrual of K-Plussa points, as set out in the rules of the K-Plussa system, and if the user presents his/her personal K-Plussa card when purchasing and paying for the product. The service provides product-specific warranty receipt information from the date on which the Oma K-Plussa (My
K-Plussa) service was taken into use or, if the user has permitted his/her product information
to be registered since 1 April 2015 without interruption, from 1 April 2015 onwards.  
If the user took the Warranty Receipt Service into use before this date and has permitted product-specific registration of his/her purchases without interruption, warranty receipt information will
be shown for the period since the date on which the service was taken into use.
No warranty information will be available for purchases that were made before the aforementioned alternative dates.

At present, purchases made at the following chains fall within the scope of the service:
• K-citymarket
• K-supermarket
• K-market
• Anttila
• Kodin Ykkönen
• NetAnttila
• Kodin1.com

K-Plus Oy reserves the right to increase or decrease the number of outlets and chains that are within the scope of the service. If an outlet or chain is removed from the service, its receipts can no longer be shown using this service.
The customer understands and accepts that the service may contain deficiencies and flaws for which K-Plus Oy is not liable.
K-Plus Oy reserves the right to remove the user's warranty receipt information from the service when the warranty has expired. As a rule, the service will retain information on expired warranties for six months following the expiry of the warranty. If the period of validity of a warranty is unknown, K-Plus Oy reserves the right to remove the user's warranty receipt information when the warranty could reasonably be expected to have expired.

Discontinuing use of the Oma-K-Plussa (My K-Plussa) service:
The user registration and right to use the Oma K-Plussa (My K-Plussa) service will be terminated
if the user's K-Plussa customer relationship is terminated due to passivity as defined in the K-Plussa rules or due to termination of the agreement or if the user no longer belongs to the K-Plussa household with which his/her card was associated (the right to a secondary card for members of the same household has expired).
the user has not logged in to the Oma K-Plussa (My K-Plussa) service using his/her user ID for
24 months or the customer informs K-Plussa customer service that he/she wishes to stop using the Oma K-Plussa (My K-Plussa) service.