Rules regarding donating K-Plussa points to charity

Rules regarding donating K-Plussa points to charity

K-Plussa customers have the opportunity to donate a sum of money to charity
that corresponds to the K-Plussa points that they have accrued.

Providing notification of donation

K-Plussa customers can provide notification of their decision to donate their K-Plussa points via
the Oma K-Plussa (My K-Plussa) section of the K-Plussa website or by calling K-Plussa customer service on +358 10 19 8604 Mon–Fri, 8am–6pm. Within Finland, the call will be charged at the local rate or the mobile rate. This notification can be provided by the primary card holder.

The donation policy will enter into force immediately and will remain in force until terminated. Donations will be calculated for each full 1000 K-Plussa points that are accrued in a calendar month.

K-Plussa customers may choose to donate all of the K-Plussa points to charity that are accrued
each month or to select a maximum number of points to donate, rounded to the nearest 1000 points
(1000 K-Plussa points = EUR 5). Customers who donate only some of their K-Plussa points will receive the remainder of the points, to the nearest full 1000 points, to use in a manner of their choosing (such as in the form of K-Plussa vouchers).
K-Plussa customers may change their decision to donate their K-Plussa points by contacting K-Plus Oy in the manners described above.


K-Plus Oy selects the charities and publishes a list on the K-Plussa website. K-Plussa customers can select one charity. If a customer donates his/her K-Plussa points to charity without selecting a specific charity, the monetary value of the customer's donation will be divided equally among all of the charities.

If K-Plus Oy discontinues its collaboration with a specific charity and the K-Plussa customer does not select a new charity in its place, the donation will be divided equally among all of the active charities for the month in question and all subsequent months.

K-Plus Oy may direct donations to specific campaigns or causes represented by charities. K-Plussa customers are provided with information about this on the K-Plussa website.

Other matters

K-Plus Oy transfers the total sum of donations to the charities by the end of the calendar month following the month in which the points were accrued.

If K-Plus Oy decides to discontinue its charitable activities in their entirety, the decision will be communicated to K-Plussa customers. Thereafter, K-Plussa points will be delivered to customers
in their entirety in the manner selected by each customer.